Early Booking Opportunities for season 2020

Take advantage of our early booking and save up to 20% on your bookings for season 2020.

We have prepared special experiences for you: Luxury, Family or Party trip, we got your covered. All aspects of your trip are unique and tailored to you and your preferences.

A new year marks a new beginning. It brings new stories and adventures for everyone. True, 2020 has started a bit rough worldwide but this will pass and we will have an amazing summer ahead of us to create amazing sailing memories.

It is never to early to plan your next vacation. In fact, now is the perfect time for that, you are all together with your family in the house. Explore Croatia online and then join us offline for an adventure of a lifetime.

Explore different options on our website croya.co and let us know what do you need.

We will be expecting you in Croatia.

What memories will you create?

Make each day a new horizon. Take part in unforgettable sea journeys. Embrace authentic Croatian beauty. Ready? Your next journey starts here…

Create Your Sailing Memory