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Let's create sailing memories together.
The Adriatic Sea, Croatia, and its many islands will guide us. Our intimate knowledge of Croatia will connect you to our way of life. Welcome to our paradise, my friend.
Let's travel the seas together.

Imagine traveling to traditional old stone villages where you can indulge in sightseeing, take in the historic architecture and indulge in phenomenal fresh seafood with domestic wines. Croatia has a large wine industry where the vineyards meet the sea so why not take a wine-tasting tour and then relax in an on-deck Jacuzzi aboard one of our mega yachts.

At Cro Yachting we have yachts to suit every personality and occasion, whether you’re taking 40 of your friends on an all-out luxury holiday, escaping for a romantic adventure, or taking a well- deserved family vacation.

Browse our huge fleet of luxury yachts and let us help you get started on the adventure of a lifetime

The Croatian coastline is a sailing paradise that spans over 1000 miles and proudly boasts more than 1200 islands and islets. Sheltered within the clear blue Adriatic Sea, this Mediterranean country is blessed with the warmest summers, raw untainted nature and crystal clear seas.

Summer sailing along the Croatian coast offers ideal winds and calm waters ideal for sailing and exploring the many islands, with a deserted anchorage always around the corner awaits a new adventure for you to discover. Take the tender out to explore isolated bays, coves and golden beaches.


Martin Mikelić

Fifteen years ago Martin Mikelić had $400, a university degree in Economy and Tourism, and one sailing boat, in that season he laid the foundations for what has now become one of Croatia's most successful and celebrated sailing charter companies, CRO YACHTING.

His passion and respect for entrepreneurship has seen him start several enterprises since conceiving of CRO YACHTING the initiatives include, Venice2Dubrovnik in 2008 and most recently Smartivo.com along with CRO YACHTING expanding into brokerage and sales. But CRO YACHTING remains his central vision. It is made up of .........staff, and dedicated skippers, that return year after year to deliver expert and high levels of service, where the customers needs and wants remain at the heart of the business. Under Martins nurturing and leadership he has created a tight knit family that all share a unified goal of helping customers create the best sailing memories ever.

Martins intimate knowledge of his home town of Split and the Dalmatian coastline gives him the added advantage of offering tailored adventures to guests. Their feedback and return visits are a testament to the hard work that CRO YACHTING consistently keep delivering with more guests arriving each year and leaving with an over whelming, and honest sense of pure happiness, one of Martins goals in life...to make people happy, it really is that simple.

His pro active and optimistic approach to business has led him to create an inspiring network of collaborators and clients that extend to all corners of the globe. His ethical approach to entrepreneurship has set a tone within the Sailing charter landscape that will see CRO YACHTING sail into the future and expand its charter to international destinations, to create a universal infrastructure that will provide expertise information for yacht and boat charter.


Always a port for trade or travel, Split is the launching pad to an archipeligo of stunning islands, secluded beaches, traditional villages, a gateway to a myriad of destinations and adventures. The old town and the major tourist draw card for Split is the Diocletian palace built in 305 AD. The UNESCO listed palace consists of meandering alley ways, stone villas, and many churches. Since the construction of the palace, there have been architectural additions through the medieval, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. Split and the islands have welcomed the growing demand for tourism, the season seems to grow every year, now comfortably providing sailing charters, excursions, restaurants, and entertainment from April to October. New developments into gastronomy and wine have seen traditional restaurants expanding its menus into fusion cooking, and craft wineries, but still staying loyal and proud to the traditional Dalmatian recipes.

Split is renowned for its breathtaking views, surrounding islands, and idyllic mediterranean lifestyle. Trip advisor and the Lonely Planet will talk about Dalmatia being the current hot spot in the Mediteranean, often included in their top ten vacation destinations over the past ten years and a newcomer to the tourist scene. The real facts tell a very different story, the Dalmatian coast has been welcoming tourists from the UK and Europe for close to 300 years. Included as a destination as part of the Grand Tours during the 18th and 19th century, primarily for the upper classes, Split and the surrounding islands have seen generations of guests walk their cobble streets, indulge in local food and wine, be enthralled by its ancient architecture and sail our crystal blue seas of paradise.

Cro yachting

Our extensive selection of Sailing Boats, Motor Boats and Luxury Yachts, Gullets really sets us apart from any other sailing charter business in Croatia. We offer a complete schedule of professional, first class services including: Yacht Management, Yacht Sales, Croatia Fishing Tourism, and Big Game Fish Charters, Sailing as Team Building and a fully accredited Skipper Sailing School, all right here in Croatia.

CRO YACHTING is a vibrant Croatian company; our mission is to create sailing memories of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia and its many islands for visitors from around the globe. We share our expertise for local food, history, nature, and more importantly sailing. Welcome to paradise. We want you to experience the best nautical experience that you can. CRO YACHTING consists of a professional team who all share a unique and exceptional wealth of experience in the yacht charter business. We are proud to be considered amongst our peers as one of the leading Yacht Brokers and Charters not only in Croatia, but throughout the Adriatic, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

Cro Yachting presents several options for your seafaring pleasure. You can rent a yacht or boat with or without a skipper and crew, known as a ‘bareboat charter’ or take advantage of our pre organised well-travelled itineraries of destinations throughout the islands that has been put together by our staff. Let our skipper and crew lead your expedition, showing you hidden swimming coves and beaches, pristine diving locations, and educating you about the exquisite Dalmatian gastronomy. Along your adventure you can discover the thrill of rafting, canoeing, canyoning, diving and free climbing, or partake in sailing and wind surfing lessons. Why not get hooked by the lure of big game fishing? All of this can be pre organised, to suit your taste.

We guarantee you will always cherish the memories we can help you create. We will chart the most favorable and picturesque sailing route, assuring you of a safe, secure and unforgettable journey through the Adriatic. Nautical tourism is becoming one of the most attractive and affordable services offered in Croatia. A unique chain of twenty-one marinas, stretching along the breathtaking Adriatic coast from Dubrovnik in the south to Umag in the North, has significantly enhanced our appeal as a world class vacation destination. Picture yourself floating throughout this paradise on a luxurious boat of your choosing. We invite you to sail away with us and discover why our attention to detail puts us in a very special category. We are confident that your Cro Yachting experience will surpass all of your wildest expectations.

What memories will you create?

Make each day a new horizon. Take part in unforgettable sea journeys. Embrace authentic Croatian beauty. Ready? Your next journey starts here…

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